How to Circumvent Potential Air Compressor Problems

Ingersoll Rand’s digital platform Helix is having the dual effect of benefiting both O’Neill Industrial and our customers.  Helix provides our customers with peace of mind by optimising the performance of their compressed air system and has enabled O’Neill Industrial to deliver improved customer service and preventative maintenance capabilities. 

Providing compressed air users with in-depth and real-time knowledge about their compressed air systems, Helix is an intelligent digital service that aids production planning and helps end users protect their investment. It has also helped O’Neill Industrial strengthen our relationship with our customers by ensuring we can respond quickly if an issue arises.

“Helix helps us to better plan our service work,” said Sean McMahon, Service Manager,  O’Neill Industrial, “while making sure we’re immediately alerted to any potential problems with a compressor, so we can solve them before the customer even knows there’s an issue.”

A cloud-based, air management platform, Helix enables operators to stay in control of a compressed air system at all times. Delivering historic, real-time, predictive and cognitive analytics, it allows users to rectify potential issues before they happen. This can help provide tangible benefits to a business’ bottom line, with real-time monitoring, alarms and warnings reducing the risk of downtime.

The cloud-based system means remote sites can be easily monitored, and compressor performance can be optimised with machine parameters and trend analysis over time.

Enhanced service planning

Helix allows O’Neill Industrial to check the status of our customers’ compressed air system remotely, reducing the need to schedule on-site visits. Not only can we check the service logs online and see when maintenance is due, but we can also monitor how a compressor is running and its usage.

O'Neill Industrial Service team reviewing the Helix Dashboard
Service team reviewing Helix Dashboard

Resolving issues fast

Helix’s capability to assist with preventative maintenance is another key advantage. It ensures we can react quickly to any breakdowns, or any unexpected compressor issues that could lead to bigger risks further down the line. Helix has alerted us to issues before a customer is even aware there’s a problem with their compressed air system, so we can send an engineer out straight away to make sure it’s resolved in a timely and professional manner.

Austin O’Neill, O’Neill Industrial, notes, “Helix helps us be very transparent with our customers, so they’re able to see how we can help improve the efficiency and reliability of their compressor. It’s a key differentiator from our competitors too.”

Helix is also an open platform, supporting ancillary and compressed air products from other brands.

Providing assured peace of mind to customers, it helps optimise the performance of a compressor throughout its working life. Whether it’s the ability to better manage a compressor’s working parts, leading to reduced maintenance costs for the customer, or the opportunity to detect leaks by monitoring the unit’s power consumption, compressors that are not taking advantage of Helix are absolutely missing a trick. We highly recommend that every 37kW compressor and above is fitted with Helix.

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