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Prevost has been making products for compressed air ringmains and fluid distribution systems since 1978.

The company is a player in the main industrial and automobile sectors using pneumatic and hydraulic power. Innovation and quality have always been two driving forces behind Prevost’s growth.


Prevost offers a choice of solutions engineered to the needs and requirements of its clients. These solutions are split into three product lines:

Connection – Couplings and Adaptors for Compressed Air

– safety quick couplings
– standard quick couplings
– automatic couplings for water systems
– safety couplings for blowtorches
– hydraulic quick couplings
– push-fit fittings

Distribution – Compressed Air Pipe & Fitting

– hoses and recoil hoses
– aluminium and composite piping
– hose reels
– spring balancers
– air blow guns and spray guns
– connectors, valves
– clamps

Treatment – Compressed Air Treatment Units

– treatment of compressed air
– Alto and Submicron filtration
– drains and separators
– air dryers and condensate treatment systems

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