2-Day Pneumatics Training Course

Our 2-day Pneumatics Training is a highly intensive hands-on training course designed to help you and your MRO team to understand and become competent with working on a range of pneumatic equipment and is delivered by a highly qualified & experienced trainer.

The course covers a multitude of important learning topics from compressed air theory to circuit design and building. Furthermore, it forms the necessary foundation step to further training in the area of factory automation and associated control technologies.

– Production/ Process Personnel
– Maintenance Personnel
– Production & Engineering Supervisors

– Design & Operation of Pneumatic Components 
– Circuit Symbols 
– Pneumatic Circuit Theory 
– General Servicing Procedures 
– Fault Finding … and many more topics

  • Recognise the Function & Use of Pneumatic Components
  • Understand Compressed Air Units & Measurement
  • Design & Assemble Pneumatics Circuits
  • Fault Find with Confidence

Lean Manufacturing Seminar

In association with the Lean Workshop Group, we deliver a FREE ½ seminar on the theory of Lean Manufacturing techniques and examine the operation of a Lean Manufacturing cell.

Find out why a Lean Organisation means better quality and efficiency at a practical workshop with live demonstrations.

Lean Manufacturing Seminars O'Neil Industrial