Fixed Expenditure Compressed Air Packages (FE€CAP)

The advantages of leasing air compressor equipment in contrast to buying can be multiple; you avoid large capital expenditure up front, get complete peace of mind and could potentially install a higher spec Compressed Air System which may have been cost prohibitive if you chose to buy outright.

As the air compressor specialists in Ireland, we are delighted to provide FE€CAP – our contract leasing solution for customers who want to acquire reliable compressed air equipment but avoid large capital expenditure.

O’Neill industrial can also offer Nitrogen generation packages under five-year lease agreements. Click here to find out about our on site, on demand nitrogen supply solutions.

Benefits of Contract Leasing

Fixed Budgeting Solution

From an accounting point of view there are no surprises. A fixed cost contract for 5 years makes budgeting easy as you have clear sight of monthly expenditure.

Peace of Mind

All routine maintenance and emergency call-outs are covered in our FE£CAP contract leasing agreement. So no sleepless nights about production downtime should there be any faults with the equipment.

No Capital Expenditure

With FE£CAP from O’Neill Industrial you avoid large capital expenditure up front as all costs are built into the fixed cost contract.


When your 5 year contract lease nears completion, we will review your compressed air requirements and discuss replacement options. You can install brand new equipment and renew your FE£CAP agreement for another 5 years.


If demand for compressed air exceeds your existing capacity, we can upgrade your compressed air system and start a new FE£CAP agreement with you.

Case Studies

Lease agreement for CAS allows greater flexibility and efficiency.

Hassle-free Compressed Air Solution Delivered in a Box to Cork Manufacturer Under Lease Agreement.


Watch what Total Plastic Solution Ltd had to say about the Fixed Expenditure Compressed Air Packages from O’Neill Industrial

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