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O’Neill Industrial delivers bespoke, market-leading, high flow & high purity nitrogen generators as solutions for numerous applications within industry sectors such as Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology, Chemicals, Electronics, Metals, Plastics, Rubbers and many more.

On-site nitrogen gas generation is an easy and reliable way that can save you money and give you more control over your gas use. Companies who install their own industrial nitrogen generator can generate as much or as little nitrogen as they need, at a fraction of the cost of having the gas delivered by an external source.

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Leasing options are also available for customers who want a reliable nitrogen gas generation system but avoid large capital expenditure.

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NITROGEN – A line of robust, reliable and modular Nitrogen generators based on Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) technology using state of the art Carbon Molecular Sieves absorbents.

SYSADVANCE industrial nitrogen generators produce high purity Nitrogen from compressed air, allowing continuous availability at a very competitive cost, compared to alternative suppliers with cylinders or cryogenic tanks.

NITROGEN eliminates all disadvantages associated with the purchase and operation costs of high-pressure cylinder systems or cryogenic tanks, enabling a permanent source of Nitrogen with minimum energy consumption and maintenance requirements.

NITROGEN is designed to be easily installed in any indoor facility, requiring only a compressed air line and a power connection.

With purities up to 99.999% of N2, NITROGEN can be connected to an external buffer allowing a back-up or a delay of production/consumption according to the needs of each application.

The modular philosophy of SYSADANCE NITROGEN generators allows the installation of multiple parallel units allowing you to achieve the best nitrogen generation system for your plant.

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Nitrogen pressure up to 9 bar
LCD display
Oxygen Zirconium analyzer
GSM / LAN monitoring
Purity up to 99.999%


Reduction of Nitrogen costs up to 95%
Independence from external gas suppliers and from fluctuation of the nitrogen market prices
Suppression of logistic operations like handling of cylinders or liquid nitrogen supplier management
Modular, flexible and low maintenance


Fixed Budgeting Solution
Peace of Mind
No Capital Expenditure
Flexible service contracts

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