About Us

O’Neill Industrial

We are a leading supplier of compressed air and pneumatic equipment and solutions to Irish industry, employing 30 people across four divisions, with offices in Limerick and Cork. Since the company was founded in 1970 by John O’Neill, O’Neill Industrial has been a distributor for Ingersoll Rand compressor products. Over the years we have established solid partnerships with several more leading global manufacturers of compressed air, diaphragm pumps and pneumatic technologies.

We now boast an impressive blue chip client base supplying a wide range of air compressor systems to companies like Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and Kerry Foods.

We offer complete end-to-end compressed air solutions from the initial installation of air compressor equipment, dryers, filters in the compressor house to ring main installation, pneumatic accessories, pneumatic control valves and actuators on the production floor.

A Strong Focus on Sustainability

As compressed air specialists, we know compressed air can be an expensive energy source. We help our clients achieve their sustainability goals by advising on best practices for driving energy efficiencies and carbon reduction in compressed air systems.

50 years experience in delivering

The safest, most reliable and energy efficient solutions
Complete end-to-end compressed air equipment and solutions from brand leaders
Pneumatic and fluid control technologies for any factory or process automation sector
Compressed Air Supply Site Audits
Compressed Air Leakage Management
Hire solutions

Management Team

At O’Neill Industrial we continuously search for new equipment and improved methods to increase efficiencies and reduce costs for customers. We are committed to setting the standard within the industry for compressed air products and services that are reliable, innovative, efficient, offer value for money and delivered on time.

Global Partners