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Air Compressors for Farming & Agriculture

Whether you own a small family farm or have a larger farming operation, we can provide you with a reliable agriculture air compressor for your farming needs. We have farm air compressors to support milking parlours and milking systems to electronic feeder systems and from inflating tractor tyres to water pumps.

We have over 40 years’ experience providing compressed air solutions to industry in Ireland. From our industry know-how, the range of Vortex air compressors outlined below provide the best air compressor for farm use. Contact adam[at] today and we will help you find the most reliable farm air compressor at the right spec and an affordable price.

All agriculture air compressors are technically supported by our service engineers. Contact today or call 087 3377919 to find out more.

MCVD 2.2 – Rotary Screw Air Compressor 2.2kw (Single Phase) With Tank and Air Dryer & Filtration System



Contamination by Oil in milk lines can be devastating to a Milk Producer. Oil Injected Air Compressors typically carry over 2 mg of Oil per m3 of Compressed Air and therefore filtration is required to remove oil & oil vapour as well as particulate from the compressed air stream – not ideal for agricultural use.

A bank of three filters is included in this compressed air package to reduce contaminants to a safe level. This air compressor package is ideal for farm use as it also includes a compressed air dryer which reduces the Pressure Dew Pt to + 3 degs Celsius which further enhances compressed air quality and protects downstream components from rust and corrosion caused by wet compressed air.

MCVD 7.5 – Rotary Screw Air Compressor 7.5kw With Tank and Air Dryer



Vortex Compressor’s compact & complete packaged system is designed to satisfy all your expectations. These farm air compressor models have lower noise level and save energy compared to existing models.

More powerful, less space: These models occupy less area and with maximum flow rate capacity they are compact system products. Required installation space is minimized thanks to pre-interconnection system between the components. The only requirement is to make electricity connection and pipe line connection.

VOFS 11 TD Rotary Scroll Air Compressor* 11kw With Tank and Air Dryer & Filtration System, Oil-Free



Oil Injected Air Compressors typically carry over 2 mg of Oil per m3 of Compressed Air and therefore filtration is required to remove oil & oil vapour as well as particulate from the compressed air stream. However, by installing an Oil Free Compressor unit on your farm the risk of oil contamination is completely removed and is best for agriculture. The package comes complete with two filters to remove particulate, a compressed air dryer and 500 litre air receiver.


The Next Generation VFOS oil-free scroll air compressors from Vortex offer high- quality, oil-free air in an efficient, flexible package and one of the best farm air compressors. The innovative scroll design eliminates the need for lubrication and ensures compressed air meets precise standards for your critical processes. A compact footprint and quiet operation enable use in a variety of settings and provide an ideal solution for a healthy work environment.

Flexible design options give you the freedom to create a compressed air system customized to your needs.

  • 100% Oil-Free Air: Simple tip seal design of the scroll compressor ensures no metal-to-metal contact anywhere and eliminates the need for lubrication, ensuring high-quality, oil-free air
  • Energy Efficiency: Multiplex design allows for operation of the exact number of compressors to match your demand with part-load efficiency
  • Ergonomic Design: Smaller footprint and superior noise control ensure the system fits anywhere and provides a safe, comfortable working environment
  • Enhanced Reliability: Fewer components and less consumables provide higher reliability and result in longer compressor life, less maintenance, and longer service intervals
  • Flexible Design Options: Multiple configurations and rich options allow you to create a compressed air system that meets your unique needs

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Meets Air Quality Class 1.4.0 in accordance with ISO 8573.1 2010

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