UK based Kinetrol was established in 1958 to develop rotary viscous dashpots for smooth motion control.

Kinetrol later invented and patented its vane-type rotary pneumatic actuator, recognising the emerging need for quarter-turn valve and mechanism actuation. Since then, the company has added many actuator control modules to meet the growing demand for more precise and sophisticated process control and monitoring.


Kinetrol Vane Actuator Features

  • Single moving part – Simplest and most reliable mechanism for quarter-turn rotary actuation.
  • Close couple control modules – Fail-safe spring returns, limit switches, positioners and solenoid valves all close couple to the actuators
  • No cranks or gearing – No power loss or backlash – allows accurate positioning
  • Durable corrosion resistant finish
  • Long maintenance-free life – Up to 4 million operations guaranteed
  • Compact – space saving – efficient – Best torque/size package available, fast operating speeds, best air consumption, proven design
  • Millions of units in trouble-free service worldwide
  • Choice of male or female output drive square – easy to interface to application
  • Unique serial number for identification and traceability

Rotary Dampers

Kinetrol Rotary Dashpots

Kinetrol rotary dashpots are precision fluid damping devices which give a smooth resistance to shaft rotation with increases with angular velocity. Two types of dashpot are available to suit a wide range of applications:

  1. Vane dashpots – give a restricted travel and high damping rate suitable for applications with reciprocating motions
  2. Continuous Rotation dashpots – give less damping rate but unlimited travel


Silicone Fluid

Silicone Fluid is used as the damping medium because of its stable viscous properties. Dashpots are normally vacuum filled and sealed for life.

Rigorous 100% inspection

Kinetrol’s rigorous quality programme approved to ISO 9001 ensures that each unit is manufactured to high standards. Every dashpot is tested to ensure that it gives the specified rate.

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