Burkert Valves and Controllers, O'Neill Industrial

Bürkert is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of measurement and control systems for liquids and gases.

Pneumatically operated valves

When it comes to performing the diverse switching tasks for fluids, gases or steam, you can rely on Bürkert’s modular range of pneumatically operated process valves.

Pilot and directional control valves

Bürkert’s standard range of solenoid valves is characterized by flexibility and experience. They are known worldwide for their individual solutions for gas, water, and oil applications.

Burkert Valves and Controllers, O'Neill Industrial
  • Solenoid driven
  • Pneumatically driven
  • Electric motor driven
  • Manually operated
  • Controllers

Control Valves & Controllers

Motor Control Valves

The motor control valves are predestinated for energy efficient control tasks. Key features are the media separated actuator and the small sensitivity against pressure surges.

Solenoid Control Valves

Bürkert’s product range of solenoid control valves covers various applications which demand a reliable control of gases with maximum precision and dynamics.

Control Valves and Controllers

The integration of intelligent digital setting and process controllers results in compact valve systems. The hygienic design makes them robust, long lasting, and resistant to corrosion.

Flow Control Systems (MFC, LFC)

The results of longtime experience in sensor and valve technology are Bürkert’s flow controllers. The compact devices provide a stable and reproducible fluid control.

Industrial Controllers

Transmitter/ Controller are indispensable for determining, conversion, showing and/or transferring of measurement values. Furthermore they make different tasks possible.

Fluid Sensor

Flow Rate

Bürkert manufactures a wide variety of flowmeters, including differential pressure, paddle wheel, magmeter, oval gear, ultrasonic and the innovative SAW technology


Analytical sensors are essential for monitoring the quality of fluids. Bürkert offers a wide range of sensors for determining different parameters.


Nearly all applications need a pressure measurement for monitoring or control process conditions with a huge variety in requirements. Bürkert’s product range covers a lot of them.

Filling Level

Level measurement is an integral part of process control. To cope with different conditions Bürkert offers level measurement devices based on ultrasonic, radar and micro wave technologies.


Temperature is often cited as the most commonly controlled process variable. It is for ensuring process quality and as well security. By the measurement, Bürkert offers the flexibility to adapt to the individual customer needs.

Burkert Valves and Controllers, O'Neill Industrial
  • Flow
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Level
  • Analysis
  • Online Analysis System
  • Fittings for flow and analysis sensors
Burkert Valves and Controllers, O'Neill Industrial

Membrane Pumps

The Dosing Valve, the Micro Dosing Unit, the Pneumatic Dosing System and customised solutions: all combine ultra-precision and repeat-ability of fluid dosing with a flexible design.

Cylinder & Actuators

  • Electric motor actuators
  • Pneumatic actuators
  • Pneumatic cylinders
  • Mounting parts for cylinder
  • Limit switch for cylinder

Components for Installation

A comprehensive range of accessories consisting of plugs, electronic components as well as service and installation kits will help you ensure simple and quick commissioning.

Burkert Valves and Controllers, O'Neill Industrial
Burkert Valves and Controllers, O'Neill Industrial

Filtration Modules

Spiral wound module S-CUT

In cases of rather low particle loads but high requirements regarding temperature resistance and usability, S-CUT spiral wound modules are used preferably – suitable for sanitary as well as most different industrial applications.

Capillary modules C-CUT

The high quality C-CUT capillary module line with membranes made from PVDF, PES or PP has been developed for applications where a combination of excellent filtration performance and high packing density is required.

Tubular modules T-CUT / T-CUT PP

The T-CUT und T-CUT PP series of micro- and ultrafiltration tubular modules contain robust modules made from PVDF, PES or PP membranes suitable for most different applications


Solenoid driven
Pneumatically driven
Electric motor driven
Manually operated
Replacement ball valves
Limit switches
Pilot controlled double check valve
Check valve, shutoff valve, quick exhaust valves

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