The Information Required

The information required to collect the data accurately is then inputted to the airleader laptop or PDA. The capacity of each compressor (m3/min) the pressure band (bar) and the cost per kw/hr are inputted to the programme. The unit will then calculate the Air Flow based on each compressors capacity and the time it spends on load or in the case of a Variable Speed Drive Air Compressor the speed of the motor.

The Airleader unit will record data until the survey time has elapsed (usually one week) and the information can then be downloaded and a report produced. The report contains graphs and spreadsheets for each day of the survey. The information contained in the report is as follows:

Compressed Air Audits

O’Neill Industrial Compressed air audits are carried out using the Airleader Portable monitoring System. The unit is placed in the compressor room where it will need a 220v temporary power supply. In order to complete the installation an Ampere clamp is attached to the main motor input power cable of each compressor unit to be monitored. A pressure transducer which is part of the airleader kit is fitted to the main header line or the air receiver.

air quality testing O'Neill Industrial
Flow Graph
Load / No Load Graph for each compressor
Load / No Load K.w. Power consumption
Pressure Graph

Cost Calculation spread sheet

Electrical Cost of compressors in no load condition
Specific power for each compressor (kw/m3/min)
Total m3 produced per day
Total cost per day to operate each compressor
Electrical Cost of compressors in load condition
Percentage time compressors spent in Load and no load condition
Total Electrical Cost for all compressor units

The report gives an accurate overview of the compressed air plant operation and performance. Inefficiencies in the system will be highlighted such as excessive off loaded running, over pressurisation of the system and Air Leakage. This report will give a benchmark for the system and allow you to implement improvements based on sound technical information.