Air Compressors: When an Overhaul is better than Replacement

Impressed with the reliability of an Ingersoll Rand air compressor over a number of years, Pfizer decided to invest in a major overhaul of the compressor in its plant in Little Island, Cork rather than replacing it. The oil-free variable speed rotary screw air compressor (132Kw) ran trouble free for 5 years (40,000 Hrs).

Our Valuable Client:

The compressor was maintained for the first 5 years of its life by oil-free specialists O’Neill Industrial under an Ingersoll Rand SelectCARE, total responsibility Maintenance package. SelectCARE ensures that a compressed air system is maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and within the manufacturer’s schedule. The SelectCARE programme also includes 5 year or 40,000-hour warranty (parts and labour) on the unit

As the machine was so reliable, Pfizer’s decision to overhaul as opposed to replace the compressor saved the company thousands and a lot of headaches.

Austin O’Neill, O’Neill Industrial, explained the rationale behind the decision, “If you replace something it becomes a bigger project – particularly for critical production processing plants. The installation of a new compressor takes time, right from the procurement process to the physical installation. The system may need modification or civil works may need to be carried out to accept the new machine. Overhaul in this case proved to be the best alternative.”

The Compressor was fitted with a New Air End Module which included the L.P. and H.P. Air ends plus Bull gear with the old module being returned in part exchange. The unit also got a new Motor Stator and Rotor as well as a new inverter drive.

Now that the full overhaul has been completed, the compressor is back on the SelectCARE programme for years 6 to 10, assuring peace of mind for Pfizer – another key factor that influenced the decision to overhaul.

Austin concluded, “By making this investment, Pfizer has given a big endorsement to the Ingersoll Rand product and to the support and maintenance O’Neill Industrial provides to our clients.”

About SelectCARE

To keep your systems running at maximum efficiency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Ingersoll Rand designed SelectCARE, a one to five-year or six to ten-year all-in-one maintenance program for rotary compressors and air dryers. A fixed fee covers all costs. There are no hidden extras.

SelectCARE ensures that your compressed air system is maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and within the manufacturer’s schedule. This drastically reduces the possibility of unforeseen stoppages and ensures the uptime of your facility.
SelectCARE delivers maximum reliability with minimised risk.