Be Energy Efficient While Increasing Your Reliability

Take a Virtual Tour of the X8i Controller

As much as 20% to 60% of the energy used to operate compressed air systems is wasted! This is primarily due to operating more compressors than necessary, operating the wrong combination of compressors and/or maintaining elevated system pressures.

To counter this, a number of our clients have installed the X8i controller and are now cutting operating costs with their existing system!

The Ingersoll Rand X-Series System Automation eliminates waste by managing up to eight (8) positive displacement compressors simultaneously. This can include compressors of different capacities, different types (fixed speed, variable speed, variable capacity), and in any combination.

Here’s how the X-Series products deliver a unique combination of efficiency, reliability and tremendous cost savings:

■ Operate compressors only as needed, bringing standby compressors online incrementally during periods of peak demand

■ Manage the compressed air system at your minimum required pressure without compromising air supply reliability

■ Dynamically match the most energy-efficient compressor or combination of compressors with compressed air demand

■ Operate one or more variable-speed compressors to minimize wasted energy due to unloaded compressor run-on time or short cycle operation

System Visualization – Take a tour!

See how the controller works for yourself!  Using only a web browser on your PC. the X8i Controller offers a window into your compressed air system. The X8i software allows you to monitor your air system at a glance or take a more detailed look into system operation, equipment status and setup through an intuitive web-page based user interface. To access the application running on the X8I Controller, simply connect via a Web Browser from any PC using an Ethernet connection.

Click here to take a Virtual Tour of the X8i Controller.

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