Rightsize your Dryer. Downsize your Costs

You can now get ISO Class 3 high-quality air ( -20°C) from a Refrigerant Type Air Dryer!

What does it mean?

  • Much Lower Energy cost than a Desiccant Type Dryer
  • Much Smaller Foot Print than a desiccant Type Dryer
  • Much lower cost of ownership. (No Costly Desiccant Change Outs)
  • Guaranteed -20c with ISO Class 3 Dew Pt.

Check out this video

The revolutionary SF dryer is the only regenerative refrigerant dryer available in the compressed air market today. It combines the subfreezing pressure dew point (PDP) of a typical regenerative desiccant dryer, with the low operating and energy costs of a refrigerant dryer, to provide an extremely low total cost of ownership