A large medical devices company in the South of Ireland has achieved savings of over €30,000 after undertaking a leakage management programme.

LeekSeek: Our Official Partner

O’Neill Industrial, the Irish partner for LeekSeek™ in Ireland, performed a leakage detection survey across the company’s site and provided them with a complete report covering every single leakage, total cost and volume, a parts list and an accurate estimation of the time required for the repair work.  All the information was uploaded on the LeekSeek™ web system for ease of access and management.

The survey found that the medical devices company had a leakage rate of 10% – the majority of companies using compressed air have a leakage rate of more than 20%.  Apart from being a completely unnecessary source of energy waste, it is expensive and contributes to an organisation’s CO2 emissions.

Massive Effect of Leakage

The web-based management system allowed the company to identify the real causes of leakages, keep track of repairs and the effect they were having, monitor progress and areas in need of improvement and analyse savings realised.  The repair programme is still in progress; however, after making just two-thirds of the repairs required, the company has identified €30,000 in savings to date and is on target to achieve over €40,000 when the programme is complete.

LeekSeek Report image

Austin O’Neill of O’Neill Industrial said, “Detection is one thing. The real value comes from initiating repair work immediately and ongoing management. A startling fact is that compressed air leaking through a single 1.5mm hole could cost you over €765 per year! Failing to find and repair just a few leakages can be very expensive.”

“It is also worth noting that the average cost of repair is 15% less than the total leakage cost and 10% of the cost of the survey,” he concluded.

If you want to maximise the efficiency of your system and reduce costs, contact O’Neill Industrial today about conducting a full audit of your system and preparing a leakage detection report.

More information about the LeekSeek leakage management programme can be found here